Benefits of Call Logic

Upload your list and hit 'Start'. Call Logic will call your contacts. When answered, have a
live conversation. Hit Leave VM if you get an answering machine...

Calling Assistant

Call Logic speed-dials numbers from your list: no time wasted dialing wrong numbers. New calls are served up to you immediately after you hang up your last call.

Have a Live Conversation

The instant a call connects, have a live conversation with your customer or prospect. Make appropriate "call to Action" in a disposition format at end of call.

Pre-Recorded Messaging

No ums or ahs…Call Logic leaves your pre-recorded message while you're already on to your next call. Stay fresh and focused for your next customer.

Import Contacts

Upload your contact list in seconds!

Month to Month Rollover

All monthly plans include rollover. As long as you remain an active monthly subscriber, your time will be rolled over to the next billing period.

Tired of cold calling? Discover the services Call Logic provides. We make it fast and easy to reach your sales goals.