About Us

Call Logic – a Cloud-Based, outbound calling technology and sales tool that utilizes prospect lists to help automate the calling process. It's a smarter, turnkey approach to call prospects, meet quotas, and turn prospect names on a list into solid leads ... and eventually profitable sales.

Whether you're a company of one or a corporate giant trying to lower cost and increase productivity, Call Logic offers user license options that fit your exact needs. While Call Logic helps you make money, it also helps you save it with affordable pricing. There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level subscription plans covering anywhere from a couple hours of calling once a week to unlimited call time all week.

Call Logic provides premiere marketing automation software to our customers. Our services will improve your marketing outcomes and help boost your sales! Click here to see how we can build results!

  • Make up to 90 calls per hour
  • Real-time pickup…no 'telemarketer delay'
  • Don't waste time:
    • Dialing numbers
    • Listening to voice mail
    • Leaving messages
  • Stay fresh, sharp and focused